Welcome to Souper Freak, where we celebrate the art of soup-making with a focus on authentic recipes and comfort food! Souper Freak is all about cozy, heartwarming soups that bring joy and comfort to your table. Enjoy!
Souper Freak is a food zine created to highlight everyday soup recipes that all food lovers can enjoy! This project focuses on product photography and magazine layout design.
Deliverables for this project included one letter size (8.5x11") magazine with a minimum of 15 double-page spreads completed within three weeks. 
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Food and food zines are all about sharing, knowledge exchange, and cultural heritage. In "Souper Freak," you'll find recipes from family, friends, and many of my own creations that I've happily shared. Many of these dishes are comfort food classics, and I've infused a personal touch into the photoshoots – think collectible figures taking a dip in soup bowls, essential Filipino food terms, and step-by-step guides for each recipe.
The layout and design of "Souper Freak" reflect my lifelong love for food, bursting with vivid imagery that celebrates each ingredient's beauty. Drawing inspiration from lively, experimental, and DIY food zine culture, this zine embraces the vibrant spirit seen in independent food media today.

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